8th IWGT

At this IWGT the following Working Groups will convene:
• Transcriptomic Biomarkers, chaired by Roland Froetschl, Germany
• Predictivity of in vitro Genotoxicity Testing, a mathematical modelling approach, chaired by Mirjam Luijten, The Netherlands
• Genotoxicity dose-response Analysis for Potency Comparisons and Risk Assessment, chaired by Paul White, Canada
• In vivo Strategies, chaired by Carol Beevers, UK
• Statistical Approaches and Data Interpretation, chaired by Stephen Dertinger, USA
In addition, two plenary symposia will be organized:
• Epigenotoxicity and Germ Cell Effects, chaired by Roger Godschalk, The Netherlands
heritable and transgenerational effects including DNA methylation, histone modification and sperm RNA as a messenger
• Gene Therapy