President's word

Dear collegues,

As President and on behalf of all the members of the SFTG Administration Board, I am pleased to present the new SFTG website .

This new site is definitely and resolutely modern, ergonomic, clear and rich in information so that everyone can find his account.

This website is an indispensable tool for our Society to ensure the optimum dissemination of information to specialists and the general public in the field of genetic toxicology.

Different headings are already available on this new site; Whether it is job offers, Congress announcements, major scientific publications... So this site is also yours, and to make it live the best we need you, so feel free to contact us and send us all the important information that you would like to see posted.

This redesign of the website of the SFTG is an important step in the life of the society which in this year 2019 organizes the 47th European Congress of EEMGS in Rennes from 19 to 23 May. I invite you to consult the website of the dedicated EEMGS to consult the exciting program that has been prepared, to submit your summaries and to register as soon as possible to take advantage of the preferential rates (http://eemgs2019.eu/).

Good visit to our new site and excellent year 2019!


President of the SFTG


- Ludovic Le Hégarat


Internal rules

Administration boards

Ludovic Le Hégarat


François Sichel

First Vice-President

Sophie Langouët

Second Vice-President

Fabrice Nesslany


Thierry Orsière


Marc Audebert

French representant at EEMGS

Marzin Daniel


Romain Grall

Deputy Wbmaster

Sylvain Billet

Member of the Board

Sylvie Chevillard

Member of the Board

Benjamin Kopp

Member of the Board

Elisabeth Lorge

Member of the Board

Nicolas Nicaise

Member of the Board

Sophie Rose

Member of the Board

Guy Steiblen

Member of the Board