1st STCM congress

Dear All,

The cellular Pharmaco-Toxicology Society (CTWS) is replaced by a new learned society, the Society of

Cellular and Molecular Toxicology (MCTs). The main purpose of this new company will be to promote the

Development of mechanistic and integrated toxicology approaches for a better understanding and

Assessment of human health risks associated with exposure to products of physical, chemical and


Our Society will also aim to develop new alternative approaches by integrating

Cellular and molecular approaches. Our missions will be to facilitate the exchanges and relations between the

Groups and public or private services concerned by these actions and to disseminate

Information and technical and scientific explanations to the media and the public.

This new society will also assume (1) an educational role by proposing lessons learned and

Training and (2) a role in research by supporting the numerous laboratories (INSERM, CNRS, CEA), actors

In training through the search for future toxicologists.

All of You,

Saadia Beth-Römer, President MCTs